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Dernière mise à jour : 8 févr. 2021

I never ask for answers. I ask for ways to find answers by myself. I want to understand. I want to think. I want to use my brain. I want to feel. I want to acknowledge what is right or wrong, what is fair or immoral, what is legitimate or criminal. I want to use my heart.

The Western School teaches us what to think and how to think it. It gives us a list, a number of schemes and outlines to follow. They want us to think ... but only according to those schemes and outlines of them. And we believe that we think by ourselves ... I met and meet people who blame me, us, and others for who they are because we do not have "teaching skills". According to them, we have to teach them how to think, how to make things right, what is the good way to make it up for someone, what are the good words to say, etc .... If we can't do that, we apparently have no rights to be disgusted by their immoral and illogical ignominy.

Well ... We are not here to replace a Western mind-numbing system by another mind-numbing system.

I feel so much Joy and Pride when I can figure something out by myself! It takes time and disillusionment. I make mistakes and I disappoint myself. But it is all part of the process. I have so much to learn and I am so eager to learn more! Each step is a motivation for more. My grandmother did not raise a sheep. I am not the product of a Western mind factory.

I refuse to be theirs. I once read on one of Intellectual-Maroon's post that "you're supposed to become and embody the knowledge/wisdom - not memorize and regurgitate it."[his blog HERE] And I need to be more.

We are more. We don't respond to any of their corrupt, immoral, and crooked codes. We are not theirs.

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